Hey there, I'm Chaz!~ I'm a freelance artist who loves anime and specializes in illustration services, animation, and game design. I make most of my money with Patreon, selling base packs, and making games with my husband. Sometimes I open for custom commissions and sell YCHs as well, so keep an eye out on social media for openings!

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King is also the co-owner of the indie game studio, Thrill Switch Games, which focuses on queer, thrilling visual novels. With NIGHT/SHADE being the first company project, we aim to bring our artistic vision to life by utilizing the expertise of other artists, designers, engineers, and composers alike. We can't wait to share this with you!

Learn more about us on our official Thrill Switch website.

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  • 2022 ・ Furry Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)

  • 2022 ・ Matsuricon (Columbus, OH)

  • 2022・ Youmacon (Detroit, MI)

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My commissions open by an announcement on Twitter or Furaffinity.
Please read my terms of service for more information.

Terms OF Service

By commissioning me, clients agree to my Terms of Service. Failing to acknowledge this ToS will result in termination of services and a refund. The client may also be blacklisted from future services.

As the client:

  • Clients must be 18 years or older. No exceptions.

  • Clients may ask for updates, including WIPs and ETAs.

  • The client will only receive a DIGITAL COPY of the artwork. Only badges will be shipped.

  • Clients may request their names to be anonymous on my queue.

  • Clients may request that their commission not be posted publicly.

  • The client may post their commissioned artwork wherever they choose. (must give credit)

  • The client may modify or color their commission for non-profit purposes only. (must give credit)

As the artist:

  • I maintain rights to all work I create in any digital or print form under the name Kinghime or SoftRaylo. This includes using commissioned work in portfolios, prints, merchandise, etc.

  • I maintain the right to turn down any commission, character, or corrections I'm not comfortable doing.

  • I may cancel the commission and issue a full refund if I decide to no longer work with a client.

  • I will only discuss the commission with my client.

Payments and Refunds

Full payment is due upfront. I accept USD via invoice which can be paid with Paypal balance or credit/debit card.

Full refunds are ONLY eligible if I cancel the commission or if I take over 60 days to complete the commission from the payment date.

I'm willing to work with clients who are unhappy with their commission, so please be clear and honest with me.

Please do not open a PayPal dispute without contacting me beforehand. I will take legal action and the client will be blacklisted. The client is responsible for their own financial situation. I do not issue refunds for the client's failure to manage personal finances.

Commission Process

  1. I'll announce on Twitter or Furaffinity with a link to my application form.

  2. After accepting your commission, I'll contact you with a Paypal invoice. If I don't receive a response from the client within 24 hours, I will consider the slot abandoned.

  3. References: Visual reference is REQUIRED for characters, I don't accept descriptions. If you don't have a reference sheet, clear images are perfectly fine.

  4. Clients will receive high-resolution PNG files of their commission.

Corrections and Edits

  • Sketch phase: Two free passes of corrections. Please be thorough to avoid additional passes.

  • Ink phase: No free corrections.

  • Flat color phase: Color corrections are free, any corrections to lines at this point will cost extra or be denied.

  • Once finished artwork is approved, NO corrections are permitted.

🚫 Banned Content 🚫

  • Sexual content involving minors or Lalafel (FFXIV)

  • Sexual content involving ferals

  • Animal genitalia (non-fantasy)

  • Spiders

  • Scat, flatulence, or diapers

  • "Hyper" body types

  • Extreme gore or death

  • Style-matching -- I will only draw in my own styles

Prices & examples

Additional charges may apply for detailed characters.
Please contact me beforehand if you are interested in a project that isn't offered below and we can discuss it.


Bust $30 | Fullbody $60

  • Price is per character


Bust $80 | Fullbody $100

  • Price is per character

  • Flat colors with simple shading

  • Backgrounds not included


$250 per character

  • Simple background included

  • Detailed backgrounds are an additional charge.


Bust $100 | Half Body $150

  • Client will receive full resolution image

  • Shipping is optional and not included in price:

  • + $10 Will print, laminate, and ship badge

  • + $50 Upgrade to acrylic badge with glitter.


Base price $100 → Includes front view

  • + $100 per view (front, back, side)

  • + $40 outfit chibi

  • + $30 bust / expression

  • + $20 per 5 accessory/interest items

  • + $20 for different version (nsfw, glow, ect)

  • Color pallet and text included

  • Flat colors with simple BG

  • Additional charges may apply for complicated characters or species


$30 each

  • + $10 on complicated designs (see here)

  • 1000 x 1000 px with transparent BG

  • Couples OK!

Photo of my holographic Splatoon stickers


Photo of my holographic Splatoon stickers

Pay-to-use bases for designing characters, references, and adopts.

Photo of my holographic Splatoon stickers

All my merchandise, prints, and screen-printed apparel

Photo of my holographic Splatoon stickers

Made-to-order digital printed shirts from a third party company